Who we are

SG Etiquette Consulting is a limited liability company registered in Ghana that seeks to train individuals, groups and companies in various aspects of social and professional conduct. We aim to develop skills to enhance, promote and reveal the various nuances of socially acceptable methods that fall within various and diverse forms of activities, with a focus on bringing back good old-fashioned manners.

With a strong conviction that as a society, we can greatly enhance our daily interactions and social experiences by simply inculcating a culture of manners and respect, we can greatly improve upon our efficiency, communications and general method of operating.

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What we believe in?

We believe that everyone is worthy of respect, irrespective of status and social ranking.
We also believe that any organisation, household and group operates most effectively when there are clear formalities and rules that all members adhere to and carry out with courtesy and politeness.
Most individuals possess more than a basic understanding of manners but etiquette has to be more clearly defined and thus taught.

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