What They’re Saying

It was detailed and all-encompassing. The content engaged me from start to finish. And anyone who knows me, knows how fussy I am about content and experience. Even with some things I knew already, I was happy to hear them again. Your presentation of some tricky, sensitive cultural issues was spot on without being offensive. I enjoyed the synergy of the group. And all of this in a relaxed and swanky environment. If I could add something extra to all I got that day, I'll take all the plants home with me! ? I look forward to my next experience with SG Etiquette Consulting.
Sika as a coach was a great communicator, very engaging, approachable and professional and I highly recommend her if anyone is considering taking any etiquette lessons.
After the class, I have received many compliments about my gait and my overall composure and I couldn’t be happier.

Elizabeth(Attended a Quintessential Lady Etiquette Workshop)

I really enjoyed the class. It was very practical with a very friendly and professional atmosphere. I had the opportunity to correct some of my gestures and mannerisms and this has made me feel more like a lady with a little more confidence. It was a day well spent. Thank you!

Marian(Attended a Quintessential Lady Etiquette Workshop)

From the excellent team that received me on arrival, (it was the efficacy of detail and nothing short of endearing) to the Michelin star female chef that prepared mouth-watering delicacies with luxurious ingredients, careful selection of ‘garner’, and served with unique and beautiful presentations. The quality of dish-ware and cutlery was deliberate, and the technicality was worthwhile!! I am glad I didn’t fool myself to watching online. The experience I had is embedded inherently in my mind and I can’t seem to get over it. Since I consider myself to be a proper English woman, I am particular about table manners and the overall impression after a dining experience. You realise it is essential to be schooled on etiquette and Sika did it with accompanied ease. I want to personally thank you for being yourself and for bringing this on board, I believe every woman should aspire to be a better version of herself always. This is certainly a great way to start. Good manners and Etiquette go a long way!

Afua Dankwaa Asante (Mimi)(Attended a Quintessential Lady Etiquette Workshop)

It was a privilege to have signed up for Sika’s Etiquette class. Quintessential Lady was worth every bit of my time. It immediately built unwavering confidence that I know will propel me in my day-to-day interactions- at home, amongst my peers, acquaintances and in society as a whole. Sika Goka is a great orator, eloquent, calm and eccentrically down to earth. The class was well structured, with a little activity in the start to let everyone loosen up. She was extremely polite and listened attentively whenever we asked questions, you could see the passion in her eyes as she really wanted us to be imparted with knowledge. Based on the wonderful experience I had with Quintessential lady, I quickly signed up for Fine Dining. Goodness!

Afua Dankwaa Asante (Mimi)(Attended Fine Dining Experience)

I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn. I had a great etiquette session on Saturday. Looking forward to more sessions with you!

Anna(Attended a Quintessential Lady Etiquette Workshop)

Thank you for the knowledge you imparted on me on Saturday, I really learnt a lot.

Hajaratu(Attended a Quintessential Lady Etiquette Workshop)

I had a private one on one Quintessential Lady session with Sika in August. I knew the class would be great when Sika called me after we had booked and confirmed the class over WhatsApp to just have a chat and introduce herself. She was easy to talk to and very warm. The class itself was an educative and interactive one - all the topics covered were relevant and I could not have asked for more.
Sika as a coach was a great communicator, very engaging, approachable and professional and I highly recommend her if anyone is considering taking any etiquette lessons.
After the class, I have received many compliments about my gait and my overall composure and I couldn’t be happier.


Sika is a great educator on etiquette and not only does she teach with warmth but makes the subject matter understandable and more practical which you can relate to in our day to day activities.
Her training has provided me with a vast knowledge of best etiquette practices
Thank you.
SG Etiquette is truely invaluable.


This etiquette training class was everything beyond my expectations. The attention given to the smallest details was amazing. Sika has a warm and inviting presence, so though I was a bit nervous starting, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease meeting the other dinner guests. Though I have fine dining experience, I left the class learning more than I imagined. The fun, the laughs, the hostess, and dinner could have not been more memorable.
I would certainly recommend SG Etiquette Class to all my friends, colleagues, and everyone I know.


It was so lovely to meet you.
Thank you for a wonderful class. I am already getting compliments on my walk.
Thank you and hope to see you again soon.

Andara Kamara

Good morning Sika, I trust you had a good weekend. I would like to say a very big thank you for having me at your course. I know that I have forgotten many things and Saturday was a very pleasant reminder on how rusty I have become and what I can do better. Please include me in any more programs you will have from now on, so I can continue to improve myself. Thanks once again and have a pleasant week.

Shushoo Aggudey

The class was insightful and informative. I also loved that it was very practical from start to finish!
I highly recommend this class for every woman.

Setornam Blagogee