A revealing course, that exposes the strengths and charms of the modern lady whilst maintaining the traditional and still relevant mindset and decorum of the quintessential lady.

Professional /
Corporate Etiquette

Training sessions, team building exercises and workshops aimed to facilitate organisations and their employees as to best practices common to the work environment for a more professional public image, whilst fostering a harmonious culture of internal communications and relationships.

Social Etiquette

A confidence boosting course that will unlock the uncommon yet vital tools for those who find themselves lacking in social settings.

Hospitality Etiquette

A carefully designed programme specifically targeted towards businesses for their staff members and individuals in working or seeking to gain employment within the hospitality sector. 

Kids Etiquette

A one-day workshop full of fun ways for children as young as 5 to 9 to enjoy interactions that will reinforce the benefits of good habits that are formed as a result of polite behaviour.
(Teach them whilst they are young)

Youth Etiquette

A series of workshops targeted towards pre teens and young adults. Preparing them for adulthood and global citizenship.

Jump Start

This course is for anyone who has completed their education either at the secondary level or a university graduate. The next phase of one’s life can be daunting in spite of having an educational qualification. This course brings you the necessary soft skills to propel you to the next level of your career whilst giving you the edge to stand out amongst your peers. A delightfully confidence boosting session.

Intercultural Fluency

A course targeted towards those from the expatriate community, diplomats and nationals returning from the diaspora. A course specifically designed to aid groups and individuals with the ability to live and work and become accustomed to the cultural nuances of their adopted community.

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