When engaged in a conversation with another person, it is generally considered an act of courtesy to listen more than you actually speak. But in reality, it could actually be to our own advantage if we take the opinion that there is always something to learn.

Pontificating impede the natural process of a conversation, where questions should precede answers. The inability to accept a difference of opinion, or even allow the other person to contribute, will be futile if you ever expect that same person to engage you in a conversation at another function or event. You will most likely be met with a very swift greeting and some excuse as to why they need to move on, that’s if they don’t avoid you altogether.

A clever conversationalist knows that the key to a good conversation, is to ask leading questions. The majority of us, when encouraged tactfully, do like to talk about ourselves.
It also makes us feel as though what we are saying is interesting. The result of which leads to a fully engaging interaction between two people where both parties feel valued and heard.

If you want to enjoy your social interactions more, simply have a welcoming smile, a firm handshake (COVID-style for the time being), listen genuinely, and ask about the who, what, where, when and why.

Remember, let’s assume there is always something to learn when engaging in conversation.

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