We are often reminded about how it is more of a blessing to give rather than to receive and although this may be true, we still (and quite rightly so) want to be acknowledged when we give. Whether it is of our time, practical advice or an actual gift, this is because the thank you serves to confirm our act of generosity and even inspires us to do more. 

In that same vein, when we do things from the “goodness of our hearts” and we are not thanked or acknowledged, it equally produces feelings of unappreciation, and in the worst case of being taken for granted. Whether it’s down to forgetfulness, a lapse in judgement or wrong timing, our failure to show gratitude as the recipient can cause irreversible damage to our reputation and leave the giver feeling insulted. One way to avoid this is simply to thank your benefactor at your earliest convenience, even if you assume they know how grateful you are, never take it for granted they would not want to be told whether verbally or via a thank you note. 

After all what are we if we don’t show manners?

We are taught to say please and thank you at a tender age, so much so that they are popularly known as “magic words.” It is no wonder that when an infant masters these phrases they exhibit pride when used correctly and without being prompted.

As we evolve and continue to experience changes in our lives, and transition as a result of our experiences, let us stay true to our roots, the very foundation of our early years of development and never cease to use the two words and phrases that will never go out of fashion.

Thank you!

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