Now more than ever, staying connected is vital to our mental health and general wellbeing.
Feelings of isolation, disconnection and loneliness are all being experienced along with anxiety and panic.

In early 2020 the world we live in was swiftly brought to her knees with the outbreak of the coronavirus commonly known as COVID 19. All over the globe we experienced a common threat. Whether male or female, rich or poor, young or old, we were all faced with fear of the unknown, and we were staring at our own mortality in the face.

This unwelcome disruption allowed us to connect in a way that only a global pandemic can do. During this period, the topic of everyone’s conversation from Africa to Europe, Asia to America, was the devastating effect this pandemic was having on us collectively. The concern over our livelihoods, our various economies, the impact on our mortality rates and the threat to the way we would conduct our lives and daily tasks kept us in communication.
With constant updates from news outlets, on the rapid spread, to death toll counts and critical cases causing an ever- increasing strain on the health services, one thing we made sure of was to check up on each other.

Aside from frequent handwashing, sanitizing and temperature checks, we have also developed the new habit of staying connected. Lockdown gave us the time and opportunity to connect with loved ones all over the world and to check up on them regularly – thanks to modern technology.

Although the pandemic has taken many lives, it has forced us to show concern to one another like never before. Many a dwindled relationship have been reignited due to the need to stay connected and check up on one another.

New habits have been formed, with zoom parties, online meetings and scheduled facetime dates to see, speak and connect with friends and family all over the world.

In 2021, this is a trend that is here to stay as we are reminded of just how fragile life is.
If someone comes to mind, pick up the phone and call them. If that’s not convenient, send a message. If you can, do a socially distanced drive by visit, show you care and stay connected.

online meetings trend that is here

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